Autumn Chores for Barn Owners

Winter is just around the corner. While Georgia winters are definitely much milder than those in other parts of the country, the change of seasons is still great reminder to see to some necessary chores. Here, a Marietta, GA vet lists some things to add to your to-do list.

Fence Check

Do a thorough check of your pasture and paddocks, and make any necessary repairs to your fencing.

Parasite Control

While winter’s lower insect numbers are definitely a bonus, the respite will be brief. The next generation of annoying bugs is already waiting to hatch. Be sure to keep up with parasite control protocols.


Since it will get dark sooner in winter, you’ll likely use your barn lights a little more. Make sure they are all in good working order.


Proper drainage is very important: standing on wet or dirty soil can make animals quite sick! Once the weather cools, puddles and damp spots won’t dry up as quickly. If water tends to pool in any specific areas of your property, address the problem now. Also, check your gutters and downspouts, and clear any blockages.

Mechanical Maintenance

If you use tractors, ATVs, or other machinery around the farm, schedule and perform any necessary maintenance on them.

Feeding Changes

Ordering hay and grain is a year-round task. However, some animals may need to eat a little more in the cold months. If you get automatic deliveries, you may want to adjust your order. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Veterinary Services

Veterinary care is important all year, but it’s always a good thing to add to your list. Make sure all your animals are on a proper schedule for necessary veterinary care.


Do a good cleaning of your barnyard. Remove any debris and fallen leaves, and clean up manure piles.


Fresh air is crucial to your animals’ health, especially in chilly and/or wet weather, when they may spend more time indoors. Make sure your barn has good airflow: install fans if necessary.

Rodent Checks

When it’s cold or raining, mice, rats, and other small critters may find your barn particularly tempting. To avoid using toxic rodenticides, consider adopting a barn cat. Fluffy may be more than willing to earn her keep by hunting!

Please contact us, your Marietta, GA animal hospital, for all your barn’s veterinary service needs. We’re happy to help!