Pet Resort

Pet Resort offers luxury accommodations, expert care, and playful adventures for your furry companions.


Our Pet Resort is designed for maximum comfort, focusing on keeping boarding stress-free and fun! The facility was designed by a veterinary architect who specializes in both veterinary hospitals and boarding facilities geared to the reduction of sound and odor, which are two of the most significant factors in keeping your dog more relaxed.

Day Play

Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital offers a Day-Play program to provide your pet the exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization your pet needs to be a well-rounded family member.


Finding the right groomer for your pet is essential to you and your pet, and Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital understands this. In the right hands, the grooming process can be a positive experience. Knowing the signs of stress, creating a calm atmosphere, and gradually working through the process can do wonders for a stressed pet.