Pet Grooming

Expert pet grooming services for a clean, happy, healthy furry friend. Pamper your pet today.

Looking for a stress-free groomer? Look no further!

Finding the right groomer for your pet is essential to you and your pet, and Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital understands this.

The Right Groomer

In the right hands, the grooming process can be a positive experience. Knowing the signs of stress, creating a calm atmosphere, and gradually working through the process can do wonders for a stressful pet. Marissa Bibbs is our “Goddess of Groom”; as a yoga and meditation instructor, she possesses a natural calm about her that your pets will open up to. She has groomed cats and dogs, which prior to her, would need to be sedated to groom; now, they are groomed regularly without stress or drugs.

Marissa’s grooming skills are second-to-none. With extensive knowledge of different coats, she can guide many pet parents. She will meet with you upon arrival to discuss any areas that need particular attention, length of the cut, etc.

Feline Grooming

Grooming a cat can mean sedation to get through the process. There are some cats where it is necessary to ensure a safe grooming process. Our Salon is located within an animal hospital, and very light sedation (anesthesia is used only for the most challenging cases) can be administered and monitored during grooming. Your feline friend can awake as soon as grooming is complete, with a couple of yawns and very little grogginess.

Before arranging baths for the kittens, it’s necessary to have them registered at the veterinary clinic. This entails a new client visit costing, which must be completed before scheduling any grooming services.

Grooming and Your Pet’s Health

Grooming is associated with many areas that can become an issue, resulting in a visit to the vet to clear things up.

  • Ear Cleaning (prevents ear infections)
  • Nail Trims (prevents snagging and possible damage to the nail, nail bed, or toe)
  • Untrimmed nails cause a pet to adjust their gait in an unnatural way, causing arthritis down the road.
  • Your pet’s coat holds onto allergens, poison ivy, etc. A good bath can wash away allergens that can be causing allergic reactions; poison ivy can transfer to pet owners, while your pet won’t react, pet owners can come down with a notable case just by petting their dog.
  • Matting is painful to your pet as the coat mats down to the skin and pulls on the skin, most times causing a break in the skin, and now treatment for a skin infection becomes necessary.

Marissa Bibbs a.k.a. “Goddess of Groom”