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Kidney Disease: Signs Diagnosis Treatment Prevention


Chronic kidney disease is common in older pets and affects approximately 3 in 10 geriatric cats, along with approximately 1 in 10 senior dogs. Normally, healthy and happy kidneys do a miraculous job of:
 Eliminating protein wastes. Balancing body water, salts, and acids. Producing high-quality urine.

Kidney Disease: Signs Diagnosis Treatment Prevention2019-10-01T17:03:59-04:00

Pet Pancreatitis: A Common Diagnosis


Pancreatitis is a common diagnosis among our patients and is a painful, damaging disease. The pancreas assists in the digestive process by producing various enzymes that begin breaking food down. The most common cause in pets is the ingestion of food that contains higher than normal levels of fat or acids.

Pet Pancreatitis: A Common Diagnosis2019-10-01T17:42:36-04:00
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