Crate Training Your Dog

Has your dog been crate trained? If not, we recommend rectifying this as soon as possible. Crate training can be very helpful! A Marietta, GA vet discusses crate training below.

Benefits of Crate Training

A crate, ideally, should provide a comfy little den for your canine buddy. This will help him feel safe and secure. However, there are many other reasons to crate train your dog. For one thing, Fido may need to be crated at the vet’s or groomer’s, so it’s helpful to get him used to the idea early on. Dogs don’t like to soil their dens, so crates also help keep Fido from soiling inside the house. Transportation is another issue. Your pet is much safer traveling in a crate!


Choosing the right spot is very important. Ideally, the crate should be somewhere that allows Fido to see, hear, and interact with you, like a living room or family room. Dogs often get depressed and frustrated when they feel lonely or isolated! Add toys and bedding to the crate to make it more appealing and cozy.


Start by just leaving the crate door open. Toss a few treats into the crate to try and entice Fido to go in on his own. If he does, immediately reward him with attention, toys, and treats. This is very important! You want your dog to associate his crate with pleasant things. Once your canine pal is used to going in and out of the crate, start feeding him his meals in it. The next step is to start closing the door. At first, just shut it while your pup is eating. Let him out as soon as he’s done. Slowly extend the time that the door stays closed. Word to the wise: if your furry friend starts to whine or cry, don’t let him out until he stops. Otherwise, he’ll start thinking that he’ll get released if he makes noise.


Crates can be great tools, but they can also be misused. If Fido is left in his crate too long, he’ll get stressed and unhappy. You definitely don’t want that! Also, you should never use the crate as a form of punishment. This may very well cause more problems than it solves. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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