Autumn Care for Dogs

Autumn is here! It’s always good to enjoy some cooler weather after a hot summer. This is also a great time to take some long walks with Fido. However, just like any other season, autumn does present some specific dangers for pets. Read on as a Marietta, GA vet discusses autumn care for dogs.


As the weather cools, many people will be applying herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals to their yards. These things are very toxic to dogs! Fido could ingest some just by walking through a patch that was recently treated, and then licking his paws.


Autumn decorations seem to get more popular every year. Just keep in mind that your canine pal may try to eat some of them! Hang decorative items in spots that your pet can’t get to.


With Halloween not far off, it won’t be long before we start seeing candy and treats everywhere. Keep that candy jar away from Fido! Many of those sweet snacks are toxic to dogs. Some things on the no-no list include chocolate, nuts, hard candies, grapes, currants, raisins, and anything containing xylitol.

Winter Preparation

Although winters are fairly mild here in Georgia, it’s good to prepare for those cold snaps. Make sure Fido has a warm, comfy bed. We always recommend keeping dogs indoors, but if your pooch has a doghouse, make sure that it is well-insulated, clean, and raised up off the ground a bit to keep out rain and the occasional bit of snow. If your canine buddy has thin fur, get him a sweater to wear on cold days.

Heating Elements

Fires, candles, and potpourri burners can all give your home a warm, cozy glow in autumn. However, these things definitely do not mix well with dogs. Keep these items in secure places that Fido can’t reach.


Fido has worn some truly adorable Halloween outfits. He’s been a taco, a spider, a dinosaur, and a janitor’s mop/bucket, to name a few. There’s nothing wrong with dressing up your dog, but there are a few caveats. Make sure your pet is comfortable in his outfit, and isn’t frightened or annoyed by it. Also, make sure the costume fits well, and isn’t tight, hot, itchy, or dangerous.

Please reach out to us, your local Marietta, GA pet clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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