5 Warning Signs That Your Cat Needs Immediate Veterinary Care

If you have a kitty, you’ve probably noticed that our feline friends can be a bit mysterious. Fluffy may be very clear when she wants to let you know she’s ready for dinner or wants to be cuddled, but she isn’t always quite so forthcoming when it comes to being sick. In fact, your furball may deliberately try to mask signs of illness from you. Therefore, it’s very important for you to know what to watch out for. Below, a Kennesaw, GA veterinarian lists some signs of illness in kitties.

Poor Grooming

Healthy kitties spend quite a good chunk of time each day carefully grooming themselves. Just like people, cats don’t always keep up with their normal routines when they don’t feel well, and may look unkempt or dirty. If Fluffy foregoes her beauty rituals, she may not be feeling well.

Lack of Appetite

A reduced appetite is another red flag. Granted, Fluffy has been known to be a bit picky at times. However, even if your furry little pal doesn’t like what you offered her, she should still be interested enough in dinner to demand something else.


This one can be tricky, because our feline friends do sometimes like to seek out quiet spots for naps. But if your cat doesn’t want to leave her secret hiding place, even when called, she may not be feeling well.

Behavioral Changes

Cats may be quirky, but they’re very much creatures of habit. Anything that is a deviation from your kitty’s normal behavior, appearance, or vocalizations could be a sign of illness. For instance, a friendly cat that suddenly withdraws could be sick.

Litterbox Issues

If Fluffy suddenly stops using her litterbox, or if you notice a change in the color, odor, consistency, or amount of her waste, you may have a sick kitty on your hands. Straining to urinate is also a red flag, and should be treated as a medical emergency. Contact your vet immediately if your cat is having litterbox problems.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, call your vet right away. Because cats sometimes don’t show signs of illness until they are very sick, Fluffy could be quite ill before you notice anything wrong.

Do you have any concerns about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Kennesaw, GA animal clinic, anytime.

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