Has your pet been diagnosed with cancer or are you concerned your pet may have cancer?  

Unfortunately we see just as many pets with cancer as our human counterparts.  Although cancer has a very negative connotation we are blessed today with many options to not just extend the life of your pet but also greatly improve their quality of life after a cancer diagnosis.  Our doctors enjoy the opportunity to stage cancer and offer treatment options so that we can help you maintain the bond with your pet.  We offer various surgical options for cancer as well as chemotherapy here at KMAH.  Many owners are very nervous to consider chemotherapy after either experiencing it for themselves or knowing a friend or family member who has had chemo.  Fortunately, animals routinely do not have the negative side effects of chemotherapy that we seen in humans.  Very rarely do we ever see the hair loss, nausea, loss of appetite, etc that people have with chemo.  Our goal is for your pet to feel better even while receiving chemotherapy.

If you are concerned about cancer in your pet, please call us for a consult at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital today.