House Cat

Rudy is our cuddly and talkative Siamese who came to us with chronic constipation and lack of care. He ended up needing his entire colon resected in order to live, so we performed this surgery successfully and he is now a very happy and healthy kitty (with a bit of extra gas)!

Photo of  Rudy


House Cat

Mortimer came to us with the problem of urinating and defecating around his owner’s house (even on their pillow)! Mortimer came to bond with our office manager, Lisa, and you can always find him either on her desk or in her lap. He recently ate a syringe cap (for some unknown reason) that had to be removed surgically and strangly after the surgery and after being very sick, he no longer has the elimination accidents!!

Photo of  Mortimer


House Cat

Frank was our second house cat at KMAH. We adopted him from the Humane Society of Cobb County after our first house cat, Laddie, sadly passed away and we missed having a kitty wandering the clinic. He is a very cuddly boy and loves to steal our chairs from us!

Photo of  Frank


House Cat

Pickle is our diabetic, Hemingway cat (polydactyl). She also came from the Humane Society of Cobb County. Pickle had lived for years at the humane society because no one wanted to adopt a cat who required multiple insulin shots a day. The staff of the humane society brought her for a dental procedure and due to severe dental disease, she required full mouth tooth extractions to relieve her oral pain. We decided to keep Pickle after her dental procedure because she was one of the sweetest cats we had ever met and we could regulate her diabetes well and give her lots of love.

Photo of  Pickle

Malificent aka "Mal"

House Cat

Mal came to us as a surprise recently. She sadly had been abandoned in a box at our doorstep overnight with no note or idea where she came from. When she first arrived, she understandably was very nervous and tried to bite or scratch anyone in sight. After some time, however, she has come to trust us and now allows us to pet her and she roams the clinic with the rest of the kitty posse. She is definitely the “princess” of the clinic!

Photo of  Malificent aka "Mal"