Lisa Hart

Practice Manager

Lisa has been a pet owner all of her life, and she’s adored the company of animals ever since her childhood in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. Every day, she strives to improve the lives of pets and their owners because she knows just how valuable our animal companions truly are! Lisa is the Practice Manager here at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital.

After leaving her work in the corporate world, Lisa accepted an offer to help a friend build and open her own equestrian facility. Lisa hasn’t looked back since—she moved on to help with a mobile practice’s bookkeeping before joining forces with Dr. Friedewald here at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital. Lisa has been a part of the clinic family since day one!

In her time away from work, Lisa enjoys riding her motorcycle and spending time with her kids. She has a grown daughter, Noëlle, who works as a trainer for dressage horses, as well as two young twins named J.B. and Mackenzie.

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Jennifer Beard

Veterinary Technician

Jennifer has been drawn to animal medicine since she was a small child—she was constantly rescuing injured or stray creatures who needed help. Jennifer’s passion simply never wavered, and now she gets to care for the area’s pets every day as a Veterinary Technician!

Jennifer’s pet-care career began at a small animal practice in Memphis, Tennessee. After a stint in Atlanta, Georgia, she became a part of the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family in early 2012, and has been serving the area’s pets and animal owners as a Veterinary Technician ever since.

Around the clinic, Jennifer has a special passion for internal medicine cases. She’s also fond of continuing education and loves learning something new every day. If she can pass along a helpful bit of her knowledge to a pet owner, she knows that she’s done her job!

When she isn’t tending to the needs of pets here at the hospital, Jennifer can be found spending time with her own two fur-babies at home or playing Texas hold ‘em poker. She only learned to play a few years ago, but quickly discovered that she was a natural!

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Stefanie Wilder

Veterinary Technician

When her childhood cat experienced a painful urinary blockage, Stefanie watched as her local veterinary professionals used their talent and compassion to save her beloved pet’s life. Right away, she knew she was meant to serve in the pet-care world herself—Stefanie devoted herself to animal medicine and is now a Veterinary Technician with the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family!

Stefanie is a native of Powder Springs, Georgia, and first started her animal-care journey at another local clinic. During her seven years there, she worked her way up through several positions, including Kennel Manager, Head Technician, and Clinic Manager. In the fall of 2014, Stefanie joined the team here at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital and has been caring for the area’s pets here ever since.

As a Tech, Stefanie enjoys running laboratory results, monitoring pets under anesthesia, and helping out with surgeries. Most of all, she loves forming lasting bonds with visiting pets and their loving owners.
Stefanie and her husband have a young son and are excited to welcome their second child into the world very soon. They share their lives with FatFace, a Persian cat who loves to watch television; a dog named BB who loves playing with his ball; German rottweiler Beans, whose favorite toy is his food bowl; and a 13-year-old pit bull named Capone.

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Erian Rhynie

Veterinary Technician

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Erian has had a passion for animal welfare ever since he was a boy. He’s also harbored a fascination with science and medicine for as far back as he can remember. Working in the world of veterinary medicine is simply the perfect fit!

Erian began his animal-care journey in the kennel of an animal hospital in New York before starting as a Veterinary Technician at another clinic. After moving to Georgia, he started with the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family in the summer of 2015—all in all, Erian has served pets as a veterinary professional for 12 years! He has particular interests in radiology and surgery.

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Jeremy Verhine

Veterinary Technician

Caring for others through the power of medicine is simply in Jeremy’s nature—both of his parents worked as emergency medical technicians, and he even served as an EMT himself for a time. His passion for medicine, coupled with his adoration of animals, makes veterinary medicine the perfect career choice! Jeremy has been a veterinary professional for more than 16 years.

Jeremy is an Atlanta native and first began his animal-care journey at a clinic in Marietta. After nine years, he moved to Virginia and started working for a low-cost spay-and-neuter clinic affiliated with the local Humane Society. Next, Jeremy moved back to Georgia in 2012 and worked for a pair of hospitals in the area before joining the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family in the fall of 2016.

Around the clinic, Jeremy enjoys working with difficult patients and loves applying his knowledge of animal behavior to real-world cases. He’s also passionate about educating clients on proper pet care in order to ultimately improve the lives of the area’s families.

Jeremy and his wife—who works as a Veterinary Assistant herself at a local exotic-animal practice—have several pets of their own at home. The couple shares their lives with four cats named Cooper, Weibe, Fordon, and Phaecyt as well as a pair of dogs who go by Nala and Tag. They also have three birds: Turkey, Inky, and Cricket.

Outside of work, Jeremy is an avid Star Wars fan and considers the release date of any new movie in the series an important holiday. He’s also fond of music—Jeremy plays the trombone, guitar, and bass guitar, and is even starting to learn the piano!

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Jane Thornton


Jane recalls waiting outside of her parents’ house for squirrels as a child, holding a peanut in her hand to entice the little creatures into coming close. She developed patience and a rapport with animals; the squirrels developed big bellies! Jane has always known that a career in the veterinary world would be a dream come true.

An Atlanta native, Jane worked as a legal assistant for many years before volunteering at an animal hospital, which jumpstarted her desire to work in the veterinary field. Dr. Carrie Friedewald had been Jane’s own veterinarian at another animal clinic, and Jane jumped at the chance to join forces. She’s been a member of the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family since day one! Jane loves interacting with the clinic’s patients and clientele every day, and especially enjoys taking and editing photos for the clinic’s Facebook page.

In her time away from work, Jane enjoys painting, designing, making leather crafts, birdwatching, gardening, and spending time with her own pets at home. She lives with three rescued senior Chihuahuas named Pixie, Sparky, and Blue Boy.

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Lisa Kruse

Kennel Technician

Lisa has adored the company of animals for as long as she can remember. What better way to spend your days, she mused, than by taking care of the pets who give so much to us? Lisa is proud to serve the animals and pet owners of the area as a Kennel Technician here at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital.

Lisa is from Marietta, Georgia and first joined the clinic family as a Kennel Technician in January of 2016. In addition to making sure the kennel functions smoothly, she is responsible for keeping things clean and making sure the clinic’s boarding pets are comfortable and happy. Her favorite part of the job is working alongside her talented and compassionate coworkers to better the lives of pets on a daily basis.

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Photo of  Lisa  Kruse

Danyell Sistilli

Kennel Technician

Danyell has felt a natural connection with animals ever since her earliest days growing up here in Kennesaw. She recalls attending a petting zoo as a child, where she got separated from her mother for a short period. When Danyell’s mother found her, she was sitting on the ground petting a squirrel—the animal wasn’t even a part of the petting zoo! Danyell’s passion for animals simply never wavered.

Danyell’s animal-care journey started when she was only 16 years old and began working at a local animal hospital. She then became a groomer at a dog salon before deciding to pursue the medical side of animal care once again. In April of 2016, Danyell joined the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family as a Kennel Technician, where she enjoys getting to know each and every pet that she comes across. Her work here provides great hands-on experience that serves her well during her collegiate studies in veterinary medicine!

When time permits between her busy work and school schedules, Danyell enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, swimming during the summers, and spending time with her own pets at home. She and her mother have three dogs: Annie, the smartest of the trio; sweet and loving Oscar; and Rags, the grumpy old man of the bunch.

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Marissa Bibbs

Pet Groomer

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