Happy Dog, Happy Life! Dog Parks and the Risks.

Going to a dog park is like letting your human kids play in a bouncy house or ball pit with strangers. They’re not necessarily clean and pose a variety of health and safety hazards.  The idea of introducing your pet to a group of dogs without knowledge of their backgrounds can be a risky situation at best. We have treated numerous patients that have been either attacked while playing at a dog park or became ill as a result of playing at a dog park.

Questions you can ask yourself when you arrive:  Is the dog your dog is playing with vaccinated? Does the other dog have an underlying cold? Is the other dog tired, or in pain? The simple fact is; there is no guarantee that other pet owners are going to be aware of the risks, nor mindful of their pet.

The benefits of participating in our Day Play program, as you will see below, eliminates all the above-mentioned concerns.

  • Each dog is individually evaluated on temperament and play style prior to entering our Day-Play Program.

  • Sanitary environment, pressure washed and treated daily.

  • Periodic breaks are given to keep arousal levels low and play safer.  Tired or overstimulated dogs are less tolerant of other dogs.

  • Our staff is certified in Dog Language and Group Play. We are trained to spot signs of agitation before it escalates into an altercation.

  • All Day-Play participants are current on vaccines, including two strains of canine flu.

  • Play groups are kept small and our techs use gentle, science-based methods to promote positive behavior and change negative behavior through training.

Another benefit to monitored day play at our facility is your pet sees the same friends every day. Just like a child going to play dates, they truly become friends with their play buddies and are excited to see them daily. They learn a lot from each other, such as appropriate play, communication, etc. The exercise, stimulation, and socialization our Day-Play Program provides is truly a healthier, safer, and cleaner alternative to dog parks.

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