When It’s Too Hot Outside For Your Dog


Summer Temperatures On The Rise. As temperatures increase, we urge pet parents to be aware of the effects on their pet(s). This summer please ensure your pets are not left out in the heat and have multiple sources of water available. Remember, DO NOT attempt to cool your pet

When It’s Too Hot Outside For Your Dog2021-06-14T15:12:49-04:00

Summer Stress Colitis and Stressful Events


Summer activities are beginning to ramp up, we urge you to ensure your pet is prepared to handle the stresses that the festivities will induce on their little systems. Whether it be travel or a house full of guests, prevent a trip to the vet for stress colitis and diarrhea that accompanies it.

Summer Stress Colitis and Stressful Events2021-06-14T14:49:53-04:00

Training Basics


Training Through Consistency, Clear Communication, and Fair Leadership The Training Method The beautiful thing about dogs is that every dog is different; their personality, temperaments, behaviors, learning styles, etc. An effective training program is tailored to an individual dog’s needs and learning style while focusing on maintaining a positive relationship

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