Dr. Carrie Friedewald, DVM
Dr. Carrie Friedewald, DVMOwner, Veterinarian

About Dr. Carrie Friedewald

A native of Marietta, Dr. Carrie attended Davidson College on a volleyball scholarship, earning degrees in biology and psychology. She headed to the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine to earn her veterinary degree and was honored with a class Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine and Surgery before graduating in 2002.

Dr. Carrie Friedewald (Dr. Carrie) grew up with all sorts of dogs and cats, but her family’s Alaskan Malamute, Shadow, made a permanent impression. One day, Shadow came down with a dangerous case of bloat. During Shadow’s week in ICU, Dr. Carrie’s inquisitive nature needed to know what was happening and why.  Shadow fully recovered, and “the seed had been planted”, sending a young Dr. Carrie on a trajectory to become a Veterinarian.

Fast forward to 2010…

She practiced for eight years in the Kennesaw and Marietta area before she realized that there was a need for a family-focused, small-animal hospital. She decided to make that a reality and opened Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital in 2010. With particular interests in internal medicine, oncology, soft tissue surgery, cardiology, and pain management, she has brought to life a premiere stress-free, family-focused practice through compassion, knowledge, and consistency.

  • Atlanta Magazine: 5-Star Veterinarian Award 2010

  • Cobb Life Magazine: Named One of 20 Rising Stars Under Forty 2010

  • UGA College of Veterinary Medicine: Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Carrie, her husband Michael and her beautiful daughter Emma live with a black lab named Steve, three cats; a flame-point Siamese named Bill, two Sphinx Cats named Moose and Boris; Moose enjoys going for walks on his leash when he’s not riding on someone’s shoulders.  Since Dr. Carrie was an awesome tennis player, her daughter, Emma, is following suit.  Dr. Carrie’s time away from the hospital is dedicated to her daughter’s tennis endeavors.

Hollie E…”Dr. Carrie Friedewald is an Angel in disguise. She and her staff were the best thing that could have ever happened to my best friend Baron and myself.”
Dr. Melissa Roberts, DVM
Dr. Melissa Roberts, DVMAssociate Veterinarian

About Dr. Melissa Roberts

Dr. Melissa was born in Germany thanks to her father’s military career and graduated high school in Mississippi. She earned her Associates Degree in Science from Northwest Community College before attending Mississippi State University to receive her Animal and Dairy Science Bachelor’s degree with a minor in Biochemistry. Dr. Roberts then remained at Mississippi State to earn her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, while simultaneously completing a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science with an emphasis on Beef Cattle and Toxicology. Dr. Roberts served as her class vice president, president of her academic fraternity, and as the faculty-chosen student representative at the American Veterinary Medical Association’s second Veterinary Leadership Experience conference.

Since childhood, Dr. Melissa Roberts has had an insatiable desire to help all creatures great and small. At eight years old, a tragic accident left Dr. Robert’s young dog “Smokey” paralyzed. After two complicated surgeries, and a year of physical therapy Smokey was almost back to normal. The care and compassion from his care team inspired Dr. Roberts. For her, a career in the world of veterinary medicine simply made sense.

Fast forward to 2010…
Dr. Roberts relocated to Kennesaw from Seattle, Washington pending her husband’s upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. Spending the majority of her time working as a mobile veterinarian for large animals, predominantly horses; she began her tenure at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital when the hospital opened in 2010. In 2011 she switched her focus exclusively to small-animal medicine. With a passion for surgical procedures, dental health, and preventative medicine, Dr. Roberts treats her patients daily with experienced knowledge and skills.

  • Georgia Veterinary Medicine Association (GVMA)
    Member Since 2015
  • Georgia Veterinary Medicine Association Power of Ten, Leadership Group: One of Ten Georgia Veterinarians Chosen to Sit on the Inaugural Board.
  • 2018 Clare B. Reagan Graduate Award:
    For Her Leadership in Georgia Veterinary Medicine.

Along with her husband and her two young daughters, Alma and Ellene, Dr. Roberts shares her home with Diesel, an incredibly calm pit bull mix, and Myrtle, a rescued three-legged cat, and previous surgical patient. When she has a spare moment between her busy family life and work schedule, Dr. Roberts enjoys boating, reading, making crafts, and trying out wines and ethnic dishes.

Angel P.  “Dr. Melissa Roberts is sensational. If you want a vet who cares about your animal and understands the value of a relationship, this is your doctor.”
Dr. Kate Kent, DVM
Dr. Kate Kent, DVMAssociate Veterinarian

About Dr. Kate Kent

A Midwest native from Wisconsin, Dr. Kate is an Alumni of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. She has a firm belief that our animal friends bring our conscious and unconscious awareness to so many experiences in life to which we would otherwise be oblivious. They open our minds and hearts every day and make us healthier humans for it. Dr. Kate became a veterinarian to help support this bond and teach people how to return these gifts our animal companions give us. Dr. Kate has a particular interest in geriatric care, behavior, and surgery. She is an active advocate for dental health, as she is amazed at how much a pet’s quality of life is improved once their dental disease is addressed.

Dr. Kate began her path to veterinary medicine volunteering at animal shelters and shadowing equine vets.  During her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, she interned and assisted our Doctors here at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital while continuing to volunteer at animal shelters and working as a barn laborer. She then spent a month in South Africa, volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center. One of the animals she cared for was an orphaned three-month-old rhino named, Luna. She was injured when her mother was killed and went without food until she was found. Arriving at the center after an eight-hour, freezing, overnight drive in a pickup truck, she was hypothermic and hypoglycemic. Shortly after arrival, CPR was administered to bring her back from the brink. One week later, Luna was learning how to graze from a goat friend and played tag with her human friends. Luna taught her the value of fighting for the welfare of animals, in turn, they teach us about resilience and the value of life.

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, she worked as an assistant for a veterinary orthopedic surgery practice. Her final phase of education began at Auburn University; where she continued to explore surgery and pathology, in addition to exotic and aquatic medicine.  Shortly after graduation, she landed her first position as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at another hospital and now she has come full circle, returning to Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital.

Her love for the outdoors stems back to her childhood, exploring forests, fields, streams, and rivers. Living in the Midwest, she is an expert when it comes to building snow forts, sledding, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. Now that she’s in the South, she’s learned to substitute her winter outdoors activity with becoming an avid knitter. She and her husband, Kevin, make up for it in the warmer months with gardening, hiking, camping, and kayaking. They have three fur children: Mazie, a senior border-collie/shepherd mix, that loves hiking, chasing small animals, and guarding campfires; Garlic, an adolescent German Shepherd/Pit/Vizsla mix, who maintains a remarkably limited understanding of human body language which is enhanced with a complete lack of innate knowledge regarding dog language. She is, however, gifted at befriending outgoing cats and welcomed her latest fur baby, a fun and feisty black cat named Toad. Dr. Kate has a particular interest in advances in sustainability and striving to be more self-sufficient, which has led to an interest in community development.

Dr. Mary McTague, DVM
Dr. Mary McTague, DVMAssociate Veterinarian

About Dr. Mary McTague

Bio Coming Soon…

“I cannot speak highly enough about every single person at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital. They truly embody their mission statement “Where we treat you like family and your pets as our own.”

Anisha S.
dogs kennesaw marietta

“The attention and service provided to my two dogs by the vet technician (Ms. Wilder) and the Vet (Dr. McDonald) were impressive. They really put my two dogs first and made me feel they care about the health of my pets.”

Jonathan D.
dogs kennesaw marietta

“We just put our three-year-old through training at day camp at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital. Cheyenne and Will are great and Serena’s improved so much that we have taken her to Marietta Market, baseball games for the grandkids, and other little outings.”

Nancy A.
dogs kennesaw marietta

“Had to board for four days. I called to check on her and was given in detail how she did. Picked her up and she was not shaking (which she normally does when we are at vets). I will definitely use them again. Love this group. Very friendly and caring!”

Freda B.

“If you need a cat groomer, I recommend Marissa! She was patient with my baby Oliver and made him feel comfortable. And he looks great!!!!”

Jennifer B.

Frequently Asked Questions

As veterinarians we deal with a wide range of complicated issues in the course of our day-to-day work. If you don’t have all the answers, we might. We have some FAQ documents on a wide range of subjects for your pet. Whether you’re looking for answers to common questions or just curious, our FAQs could be the fastest route to the answers you need.

A puppy’s critical development period is 8 – 14 weeks, training is crucial during this period and is fine, given they’re at the appropriate level of vaccines. Puppies can meet other vaccinated puppies…we require all training participants to be at the appropriate stage of vaccination for their age.
They pose a variety of health and safety hazards. Without knowledge of the other dog’s backgrounds, it’s a risky situation at best. Other pet owners may not be aware of the risks…nor mindful of their pet.
Imagine not brushing your teeth for five years? Infection occurs when bacteria collects between the gums and teeth as they separate; it then enters the blood stream and sets up in the heart, liver, and kidneys.
Absolutely, NOT! Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Dogs are extremely sensitive to the gastrointestinal effects of NSAIDs, resulting in pain, bleeding, and ulceration.
Change in appetite, lethargy, low energy, aggressiveness, inappropriate elimination, and vocalization are all signs of an underlying issue. Though the symptoms began recently, the issue began well before the symptoms began to show.
Our wellness plans spread out the cost of services throughout the year…much easier on your wallet. Part of your savings includes no exam fee when you come for a visit.
It provides a baseline of values to reference the next time your pet needs treatment. It also detects early signs of cancer, infection and disease, and ensures organs are properly functioning.
On July 19, 2018, the U.S. FDA issued an alert regarding grain-free diets and a possible link to dilated cardiomyopathy (a decreased ability to pump blood); often resulting in congestive heart failure. The correlation of peas, lentils, chickpeas, beans, and potatoes is the focus of the investigation and if your pet is currently on a grain free diet, the FDA urges pet owners to consult their veterinarian.

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