Lisa Hart
Lisa HartPractice Administrator
Lisa has been a pet owner all her life, and she’s adored the company of animals ever since her childhood in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. Every day, she strives to improve the lives of pets and their owners because she knows just how valuable our animal companions truly are!

After leaving her work in the corporate world, Lisa accepted an offer to help a friend build and open her own equestrian facility. Lisa hasn’t looked back since—she moved on to help with a mobile practice’s bookkeeping before joining forces with Dr. Friedewald here at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital. Lisa has been a part of the KMAH family since day one!

In her time away from work, Lisa enjoys riding her motorcycle and spending time with her kids. She has a grown daughter, Noëlle, who works as a trainer for dressage horses, as well as, two teenaged twins named J.B. and Mackenzie.

Stefanie Wilder
Stefanie WilderPet Facility Manager
A native of Powder Springs, Stefanie always knew she wanted to be in veterinary medicine. She first started her veterinary career at another local clinic. During her seven years there, she worked her way up through several positions, including Kennel Manager, Head Technician, and Clinic Manager.

In the fall of 2014, Stefanie became part of the KMAH family as a Veterinary Assistant. While assisting our amazing doctors, she enjoyed running laboratory samples, monitoring anesthetized patients, and participating in dentistry. The amazing and rewarding part was getting to form lasting bonds with our patients and their loving owners. She now gets to strengthen those bonds, as well as, forming new ones while “vacationing” with our Pet Resort guests, as she oversees the care, comfort, and health of the animals visiting our Pet Resort and Training facility.
When she and her husband are not on the go with their two active boys, Stefanie enjoys running, baking, and traveling. The Wilders share their life with a German Rottweiler named Beans (aka Beanie Baby), whose favorite toy is his food bowl; a sweet little mixed breed dog named BB, who absolutely loves his Kong; and two guinea pigs named Wreck it Ralph and Kitty Pig.

Kim Smith
Kim SmithClient Services Manager
Kim’s journey began working reception in a doctor’s office, where she began learning about medical terminology and interesting studies that were being performed. As animals are a large passion of hers, she pursued work in the veterinary industry landing a position in an animal hospital, and eventually came to work for KMAH.

Kim currently manages our team of Client Services Specialists and strives to ensure all clients and pets are treated like family. She is truly fascinated by the medical aspect of her position and finds the relationships with clients and their pets most gratifying.

A Georgia native, Kim is the oldest of four siblings, and spends time with them often, attending any event that is music related. As kids, they shared your not-so-typical family pets, such as, an iguana, snake, and at one point a tarantula. She and her fiancé, Jordan, have a one-year-old named, Jack. She loves taking Jack to the park for fun days when she’s not playing in the yard with their other “children”. The family pack consists of a 110 lb. Doberman named, Craig; a Collie mix named, Luna; and a tiny Terrier named, Molly. We’re grateful for Kim’s leadership and glad to have her as a Family member.

Tina Payton
Tina PaytonMarketing Specialist
Tina was a client of KMAH for seven years before she came to work for us with a strong sales and marketing background. Her position at KMAH is her dream job as it fuses two of her passions, animals and being creative. She spent over a year as receptionist to learn the practice in preparation for her role as Marketing Specialist.

Her previous sales/marketing experience has been in corporate environments, with the most recent being within the Nashville music industry. She lived in Nashville for four years where she worked behind the scenes in artist development, production, publishing and licensing. Working with the songwriters behind the songs and the artists that perform them was an incredible experience for Tina.

Tina’s time on the desk was an invaluable education in the veterinary industry, especially since she learned from the best in the business. Based on her experience, Tina wishes all pet parents would educate themselves on pet health and take a more active role in their pet’s wellbeing, opposed to enabling their pets to suffer because they’re not in tune with their health. They can’t speak for themselves, so we humans must educate ourselves and act for them.

Tina has two K9 kids: Woot, a 12-year-old Rat Terrier, and Cody, a 9-year-old Boxer/Greyhound mix, of which both are overachievers at being mom’s favorite. Life away from the hospital consists of her two furbies, good music (classic rock, blues, etc.) and documentaries with comedies intermingled, as it satisfies her creative, knowledge-seeking and humorous personality.

Born in Atlanta and raised in Kennesaw, she excelled in basketball during her school years and really enjoys reconnecting with her childhood friends as many are clients of KMAH. For Tina, it’s great to be home again and especially awesome to be a part of the KMAH Family.

Jeremy Ernst-Verhine, LVT
Jeremy Ernst-Verhine, LVTLicensed Veterinary Technician
Caring for others through the power of medicine is simply in Jeremy’s nature—both of his parents worked as emergency medical technicians, and he even served as an EMT himself for a time. His passion for medicine, coupled with his adoration of animals, makes veterinary medicine the perfect career choice! Jeremy has been a veterinary professional for more than 18 years.

Jeremy is an Atlanta native and first began his animal-care journey at a clinic in Marietta. After nine years, he moved to Virginia and started working for a low-cost spay-and-neuter clinic affiliated with the local Humane Society. Next, Jeremy moved back to Georgia in 2012 and worked for a pair of hospitals in the area before joining the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family in the fall of 2016.
Around the clinic, Jeremy enjoys working with difficult patients and loves applying his knowledge of animal behavior to real-world cases. He’s also passionate about educating clients on proper pet care in order to ultimately improve the lives of the area’s families.
Jeremy and his wife, who works as a Manager for Pike Nursery, shares their lives with four cats named Cooper, Weibe, Fordon, and Phaecyt as well as, a pair of dogs who go by Nala and Tag. They also have a bird, Inky.

Outside of work, Jeremy is an avid Star Wars fan and considers the release date of any new movie in the series an important holiday. He’s also fond of Dungeons & Dragons and other nerdy hobbies.

Jennifer Beard
Jennifer BeardVeterinary Technician
Jennifer has been drawn to animal medicine since she was a small child—she was constantly rescuing injured or stray creatures who needed help. Jennifer’s pet-care career began at a small animal practice in Memphis, Tennessee. She became a part of the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family in early 2012 and has been serving the area’s pets and animal owners as a Veterinary Technician ever since.

Around the clinic, Jennifer has a special passion for internal medicine cases. She’s also fond of continuing education and loves learning something new every day. If she can pass along a helpful bit of her knowledge to a pet owner, she knows that she’s done her job!
When she isn’t tending to the needs of pets here at the hospital, Jennifer can be found spending time with her own two fur-babies at home or playing Texas hold ‘em poker. She only learned to play a few years ago, but quickly discovered that she was a natural!

Mercy Lawler
Mercy LawlerVeterinary Assistant
Mercy began her original career path as an Undergraduate at Georgia State in English Literature. But soon realized her true calling was caring and being an advocate for pets in need. Specifically, Mercy’s main interest is geriatric pet care and exploring ways to improve their quality of life. Because pets can’t communicate exactly what they’re feeling, each case is a mystery that needs to be solved. It’s the thinking outside the box and constant state of problem solving that holds Mercy’s interest and keeps her humble.

After adopting her first dog, she realized how bad the overpopulation is and began to get involved with rescue and local shelter organizations. Fostering sick, injured, or unhealthy animals meant frequent visits to the vet and the catalyst she attributes to becoming a Veterinary Assistant.

Mercy hails from Norcross and is the oldest of seven siblings, two of which have Down Syndrome (a brother and an adopted sister). Coming from a loving family, where their home was always open to anyone in need physically or emotionally, has influenced how Mercy lives her life today. Which is evident by the number of rescues and fosters that she has opened her home to. With four dogs and seven cats…all rescues, most were fosters that were never adopted so they became her children. Mercy is a special foster mom, she cares for the ones with severe illnesses or unique disabilities. Most Currently her canine pack consists of an elder Pit Bull named Sybil; Cosmo, an epileptic Cocker Spaniel; Lewis, an elder Shih Tzu with no eyes and heart disease; Squirt, a young epileptic, current foster. Her feline clowder includes, Fern, Eudora, Batou, Dirt McGirt, Shinji, Willard, and Abby. As is evident, Mercy embodies the true meaning of care and compassion; coupled with her knowledge and commitment to the wellness of all animals, it makes Mercy a perfect fit for our Family.

Tonya Davis
Tonya DavisVeterinary Assistant
Tonya’s journey to becoming a Veterinary Assistant began in elementary school at an overnight field trip to a zoo. She experienced the behind the scenes operations by learning about the animal’s habitats, evening and morning rituals, sleeping habits, and communication, etc. As soon as she was of age to work, she began working as a kennel technician at a local veterinary clinic. Tonya continued her career at clinics and eventually becoming a Veterinary Assistant.

She is intrigued most with surgical procedures and internal medicine, as she finds if rewarding to correct an injury or discover the root of a problem that saves a life. While the technical aspect of problem solving is a major interest to Tonya, she finds true fulfillment in comforting patients to maintain a calmness so they can heal properly.

A native of Peachtree City, she has always enjoyed biology, the outdoors, kayaking, music and movies. She and her boyfriend, Michael, are the proud pet parents to an elderly Chihuahua named, George, described as “the boss of the house”; a young Terrier mix named, Caffrey, described as a “circus act”; a young Pitbull mix named, Maverick, described as “the police”; a Teddy Bear Hamster named, Peggy; a Greek Tortoise named, Tina; and a Russian Tortoise named, Arthur. Their self-proclaimed “Zoo” also includes a small saltwater aquarium with snails, crabs and a starfish. Tonya’s experience, compassion and humor fits in well with her KMAH family.

Matthew Evans
Matthew EvansVeterinary Assistant
Profile to come
Danyell Sistilli
Danyell SistilliKennel Assistant
Danyell has felt a natural connection with animals ever since her earliest days growing up here in Kennesaw. She recalls attending a petting zoo as a child, where she got separated from her mother for a short period. When Danyell’s mother found her, she was sitting on the ground petting a squirrel—the animal wasn’t even a part of the petting zoo! Danyell’s passion for animals has simply never wavered.

Danyell’s animal-care journey started when she was only 16 years old and began working at a local animal hospital. She then became a groomer at a dog salon before deciding to pursue the medical side of animal care once again. In April of 2016, Danyell joined the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family as a Kennel Technician, where she enjoys getting to know each-and-every pet that she comes across. Her work here provides great hands-on experience that serves her well during her collegiate studies in veterinary medicine!

As of May 2019, she is currently in school to become a Veterinary Assistant. When time permits between her busy work and school schedules, Danyell enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, swimming during the summers, and spending time with her own pets at home. She and her mother have two dogs; sweet and loving Oscar; and Rags, the grumpy old man.

Blake Tarnoff
Blake TarnoffKennel Assistant
Blake’s interest in animals stems back to her childhood pet dog, Ellie, who passed suddenly due to internal issues. With Science being her favorite subject, Blake needed to understand why Ellie passed and that ignited her interest in the medical aspect of pets.

A native of Marietta, her older sister has been a big influence as she has fostered many dogs and worked with rescues. With two cats, Nikki and Marley, she continues to grow her love for animals. Marley has learned to play fetch and mom couldn’t be more proud of her kids. She enjoys being active outdoors most of the time and experiencing new and exciting places through travel.

Jane Thornton
Jane ThorntonPractice Manager
Jane recalls waiting outside of her parents’ house for squirrels as a child, holding a peanut in her hand to entice the little creatures into coming close. She developed patience and a rapport with animals; the squirrels developed big bellies! Jane has always known that a career in the veterinary world would be a dream come true.

An Atlanta native, Jane worked as a legal assistant for many years before volunteering at an animal hospital, which jumpstarted her desire to work in the veterinary field. Dr. Carrie Friedewald had been Jane’s own veterinarian at another animal clinic, and Jane jumped at the chance to join forces. She’s been a member of the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital family since its inception.

Lisa Kruse
Lisa KruseKennel Manager
Lisa is a native of Marietta and has adored the company of animals for as long as she can remember. What better way to spend your days, she mused, than by taking care of the pets who give so much to us? After working as kennel technician for two years, Lisa was appointed the designation of Kennel Manager and proudly serves our clients and their pets.

In addition to making sure the kennel functions smoothly, she is responsible for keeping things clean and making sure the clinic’s boarding pets are comfortable and happy. Her favorite part of the job is working alongside her talented and compassionate coworkers to better the lives of pets on a daily basis. She and her husband have an adorable, three-legged dog named Bella, and a Sphynx named Paxton. She also maintains feedings for a “herd” of strays that frequent their property.

Robin Robinson
Robin RobinsonTechnician Manager
Robin has adored animals ever since her earliest days, a trait she suspects came from her mother. She was constantly bringing home strays and couldn’t get enough of veterinary books and animal-related television programs. For Robin, a career spent helping pets every day simply made perfect sense. Now, she does just that as a Veterinary Technician!

Originally from Gadsden, Alabama, Robin started her journey in veterinary care at a clinic in Rainbow City. She then worked at a Southside, Alabama animal hospital before relocating to Georgia with her husband. Robin was thrilled to join the Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital team as a Veterinary Assistant which lead to her appointment as Technician Manager.

Along with her husband, Rick, her son, Gage, and her step-daughter, Emorie, Robin shares her life with four cats: Kairi, Bella, Balor and Samuel, as well as, an excitable dog named Nellie, a gecko, and a fish. Aside from her interests in the world of animal care, Robin is a big horror movie fan and loves watching her favorite flicks with the whole family. She and her husband are huge fans of The Walking Dead and have even visited most of the filming sites and met many of the show’s stars!

Cheyenne McTyre
Cheyenne McTyreDay-Play Manager - Trainer
Cheyenne’s passion for dogs and their behavior stretches back to her childhood. An inquisitive child, she was always seen carrying breed encyclopedias and training manuals. She soon realized some pet owners give up their pets to shelters due to behavioral issues. It then became a mission to save as many dogs from shelters by teaching pet owners how to create a well-balanced family companion so they can stay in a loving home.

After graduating high school, Cheyenne mentored and eventually went to work for a certified trainer. She began her career training, supervising group play, running puppy socialization and enrichment programs for puppies in their critical development period.

She is now in her element overseeing our Day-Play Program, and teaching Puppy Preschool, Day Training and Basic Manners Programs for KMAH. Her expertise ensures a fun and safe day of play as she determines the best fits for each group and constantly monitors their body language and reactions. Furthermore, through our Puppy Preschool, Cheyenne lives out her childhood dream to help pet parents start their new family members off on the “right paw” to prevent future behavior problems.

A native of Powder Springs, her time away from KMAH is devoted to the two loves of her life; a German Shepherd/Husky mix named, Mayday; and an 18-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse named, Sassy. Between the two, there’s lots of barn time, relaxing trail rides, and adventurous trail walks. Photography and reading round out the remainder of her time away from work.

Will Lyman
Will LymanTraining Manager - Trainer
Will began his journey to becoming a Trainer when he walked in to KMAH at 17 years old with a love for animals to become his first job as a kennel assistant. After graduating from Kennesaw Mountain High School, he was college bound, where he maintained an income through working with dog trainers, in turn, learning about the aspects of dog behavior. Will’s analytical mind found himself wanting to know more about bonding and handling dogs, to teach them proper life skills and grow them into the well-rounded pet they deserve to be.

He was working as a Trainer for a local dog training organization when he decided to return to KMAH as our new training program was about to launch. He and his fellow-trainer, Cheyenne, have created three effective training programs and Will is in his element. His hard work is rewarded every time he witnesses a pet that arrives fearful and withdrawn, only to become outgoing, engaging and a happy student. The pet’s abilities to move forward and come out of their shell, provides Will the peace of mind for a job well done.

A Kennesaw native, Will and his wife, Carolyne, are raising a white Great Pyrenees named Sam, and a young Lab mix named Semmes. Will’s inquisitive mind fuels the fact that he is a self-proclaimed knowledge junkie and can be found frequently listening to educational podcasts to quench his thirst for knowledge. He tries not to limit his education to only dog training. When he’s not training, Will enjoys exercising, watching sports, music and being outdoors. A natural “jokester”, Will truly enjoys being part of the KMAH family and we’re glad to have him on board to improve the lives of the many pets that participate in our training programs.

Marissa Bibbs
Marissa BibbsGroomer
Marissa’s personality is one that blends perfectly with grooming. As a yoga and meditation instructor, she possesses a calm about her that our client’s pets pick up on. She has groomed cats and dogs that prior to her, would need to be sedated to groom, now they are groomed regularly without stress or drugs.

She enjoys volunteering at farms, as it puts her in touch with all kinds of wildlife. Which explains how she became the mother of a sweet pig named, Layla. Layla shares mom’s affection with two cats, Mercedes and Mitzi, several fish and an Axolotl named Casper. Casper is a Mexican Walking Fish that does different poses in his aquarium to get Marissa to feed him…kind of like Layla pig.

A Georgia native, Marissa practices Buddhism and Hinduism, enjoys art, music, dance, and hula-hooping. An avid outdoors person, she hikes the Appalachian Trail, does caving, practice shoots at gun ranges, and loves music festivals. As a very compassionate person, Marissa has great empathy for animals and their owners and is grateful to play a role in helping them get the most out of life. Marissa believes through confidence, skill, love, and compassion, a pet can relax enough to view grooming as a positive experience. Marissa embodies the calm, stress-free mindset that we pride ourselves on and couldn’t be happier to have her as part of the Family.

Hannah Brown
Hannah BrownClient Services Specialist
Hannah began as a pre-k teacher, as her compassion for all things small was a great fit. One day her veterinarian asked if she would be interested in coming to work for their practice. It was a no-brainer for Hannah since she absolutely loves everything about helping animals in need and providing care for them.

As she gained knowledge about veterinary medicine, Hannah found it truly fulfilling to educate clients about best practices for their pets. Fast forward two years…Hannah heard amazing things about KMAH and knew we would be a great fit as our values mirrored hers when it comes to providing the highest level of care for animals. Hannah became one of the family just before we opened the new facility in March of 2018.

Growing up south of Atlanta, Hannah is the youngest of four siblings. A true tom-boy, she could be found catching lightning bugs, crickets, or worms. She spent lots of time at her neighbor’s house playing with their kitties. She began playing soccer at age five, which turned into a life-long hobby, where she plays in an adult soccer league every weekend. She’s grateful for the friends she’s made along the way and the leadership skills it has taught her; not to mention fueling her competitive personality. Her most memorable moment was when she received an award for most goals scored in one season…a high school record. A self-proclaimed “Cat Lady”, Hannah owns several kitties: Raiden, Ponyo, Nori, Severus and Meryl. She somehow finds time to foster kitties too. They are her children and bring so much joy to her life. Hannah is active with feline rescue and fostering organizations and is more than happy to share her knowledge of rescue and fostering. Hannah’s caring nature is the perfect fit for our Family and we’re glad she’s here.

Theresa Munn
Theresa MunnClient Services Specialist
Theresa’s early education consisted of all the science electives in high school because she wanted to pursue a career in Marine Biology. After graduation she switched her focus and attended Kennesaw State University where she completed her BBA in Marketing. Upon graduation from KSU, she began working for a grooming salon as a bather.

One year later, she found herself working at a daycare/boarding facility. While there, she experienced a breakthrough with a rescued puppy mill dog named, Bebe. Bebe was scared and untrusting of the new environment, so Theresa dedicated each day Bebe was dropped off to easing her stress and gaining her trust. Her success with Bebe was the catalyst that steered her towards staying in the pet industry.

After five years she began her search for a new challenge and KMAH had exactly what she was looking for. Theresa works in our Pet Resort and enjoys interacting with our clients and their pets. A native of Mableton she now resides in Kennesaw and is the proud pet parent of three rescues: Spock, a young mix that looks like a miniature Rottweiler/Dachsund…she refers to Spock as a “Teacup Rotty”; Parker, a young Havanese mix; and Tango a feline elder that looked after her beloved Springer Spaniel, Coby, in his final years. Spock and Parker love hiking with mom, kayaking and Parker loves fishing. When she’s not at KMAH, hiking or kayaking, Theresa loves to cook. Theresa brings a level of knowledge and compassion that fits so well with our Family and we are grateful to have her with us.

Chelsea Kennedy
Chelsea KennedyClient Services Specialist
Chelsea interest in pets spans back to her first dog, Maggie (a Rottweiler). Maggie was an outside dog which caused a lot of issues that required treatment. The process of treating Maggie fascinated Chelsea and the journey began. As soon as she was of age to work, it was obvious where she needed to be.

She landed a position at a local pet resort, which was great, but she wanted to know more and decided to switch to the medical side of pet ownership. She went to work for a local emergency pet hospital which fulfilled her desire to gain a better understanding pet health. Chelsea had heard all the good that KMAH was doing and was alerted to a job opening, of which she didn’t hesitate to apply for.

A native of Ft. Benning and growing up in Columbus, Chelsea is the oldest of four sisters. Softball was the sport she excelled in and was on her way to play at the college level until an injury and three surgeries changed her direction. Chelsea is the proud pet parent of three rescues: Congo (“the old man”) a pitbull that thinks he’s a lap dog; a Golden Lab named Bailey, a sweet soul that is very attentive to other’s feelings; and another pitbull, named Charlie, the mischief-maker of the group that brings mom canned food from the pantry when she’s hungry. Chelsea’s commitment to the well-being of our patients is a great fit for our Family.

Christianna Smith “Yanna”
Christianna Smith “Yanna”Client Services Specialist
Christianna’s journey with KMAH began as a Kennel Assistant. Within one year, Yana moved to the reception desk at our Pet Resort and now assists the owners upon arrival. From the moment our guests arrive, it is her priority to ensure they are at ease and view our facility as their home away from home.

She realized her calling to make a difference in the lives of pets when she found a box of puppies in a dumpster and was able to find loving homes for all but one…of which became her pet, Chico. Chico was introduced to Yanna’s parents with a “Congratulations, You’re a Grandparent” card. A funny memory the family still laughs about.

Chico, a Chihuahua-Finish Spitz mix, adapted well with his new siblings; Zsa Zsa, a five-year-old Lhasa Apso; and a 12-year-old domestic black cat named Lei-Lani. Yanna really enjoys white water rafting with her brother with the Olympic rapids on the upper Ocoee River as one of their favorite runs. When she’s not in the water, she loves hiking and playing Spades.

Mallory Maness
Mallory ManessClient Services Specialist
Early on, Mallory felt because she enjoyed working with the public and her excellent customer service skills, working in retail was the perfect fit for her. But her large heart and immense compassion for animals set her on a mission to combine her skills with the care of pets. She searched and found a position with a local animal hospital, where she quickly realized she was where she needed to be.

Eventually, after hearing about KMAH, she felt it would be a great fit for her to work with our awesome family…and she was right.

An Atlanta native, Mallory is the youngest of three siblings. Growing up she enjoyed piano and playing softball and tennis. Fast forward to present day, she and her husband are proud pet parents of three rescues; two pups named Rocky and Kona, and a grey Tabby named Alley. Personally, Mallory is a real go getter, always willing to step up and handle any project that presents itself and we certainly appreciate her drive…glad she’s one of the Family.

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“I cannot speak highly enough about every single person at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital. They truly embody their mission statement “Where we treat you like family and your pets as our own.”

Anisha S.
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“The attention and service provided to my two dogs by the vet technician (Ms. Wilder) and the Vet (Dr. McDonald) were impressive. They really put my two dogs first and made me feel they care about the health of my pets.”

Jonathan D.

“We just put our three-year-old through training at day camp at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital. Cheyenne and Will are great and Serena’s improved so much that we have taken her to Marietta Market, baseball games for the grandkids, and other little outings.”

Nancy A.
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“Had to board for four days. I called to check on her and was given in detail how she did. Picked her up and she was not shaking (which she normally does when we are at vets). I will definitely use them again. Love this group. Very friendly and caring!”

Freda B.

“If you need a cat groomer, I recommend Marissa! She was patient with my baby Oliver and made him feel comfortable. And he looks great!!!!”

Jennifer B.
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