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At Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital, we provide family-focused pet care and we’ve grown our pet practice and family through compassion, knowledge, and consistent quality vet services. Stress-free, personalized veterinary care services are our goals. You’re pet’s health and comfort are our ultimate concern from the moment you walk through our doors.

Voted Kennesaw’s Best Vet Care for your Best Friends!

When it comes to keeping your animal family member happy and healthy, you need a true partner – someone you can trust.

Dr. Carrie Friedewald • DVM

Dr. Melissa Roberts DMV

Dr. Melissa Roberts • DVM

Dr. Melissa Roberts DMV

Dr. Taryn McDonald • DVM

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“I cannot speak highly enough about every single person at Kennesaw Mountain Animal Hospital. They truly embody their mission statement “Where we treat you like family and your pets as our own.”

Anisha Sanyarthi
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“The attention and service provided to my two dogs by the vet technician (Ms. Wilder) and the Vet (Dr. McDonald) were impressive. They really put my two dogs first and made me feel they care about the health of my pets.”

Jonathan Depaiu

Frequently Asked Questions

As veterinarians we deal with a wide range of complicated issues in the course of our day-to-day work. If you don’t have all the answers, we might. We have some FAQ documents on a wide range of subjects, ranging from prescriptions to microchipping and much more for your pet. Whether you’re looking for information answers to common questions or just curious, our FAQs could be the fastest route to the answers you need.

A puppy’s critical development period is 8 – 14 weeks, training is fine, given they’re at the appropriate level of vaccines. Puppies can meet other vaccinated puppies…we require all participants to be at the appropriate stage of vaccination for their age.
They pose a variety of health and safety hazards. Without knowledge of the other dog’s backgrounds, it’s a risky situation at best. Other pet owners may not be aware of the risks…nor mindful of their pet.
Imagine not brushing your teeth for five years? Infection occurs when bacteria collects between the gums and teeth as they separate; it then enters the blood stream and sets up in the heart, liver, and kidneys.
Absolutely, NOT! Aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Dogs are extremely sensitive to the gastrointestinal effects of NSAIDs, resulting in pain, bleeding, and ulceration.
Change in appetite, lethargy, low energy, aggressiveness, inappropriate elimination, and vocalization are all signs of an underlying issue. Though the change is recent, it doesn’t mean it just started.
Our wellness plans spread out the cost of services throughout the year…much easier on your wallet. Part of your savings includes no exam fee when you come for a visit.
It provides a baseline of values to reference the next time your pet needs treatment. It also detects early signs of cancer, infection and disease, and ensures organs are properly functioning.
On July 19, 2018, the U.S. FDA issued an alert regarding grain-free diets and low levels of taurine in dogs as being linked to deadly heart disease. Low taurine levels lead to congestive heart failure.

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You chose to take the journey with your pet, your decisions define their lives. Make another great choice to educate yourself about your pet’s wellbeing.

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Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection in the Kennesaw / Marietta area.

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