Celebrating National Dog Day

Did you know there’s a special doggy holiday coming up? National Dog Day is August 26th! We know, you probably don’t need much of a reason to pamper your adorable pet. However, this is a great time to show Fido some appreciation just for being his lovable, furry self. Read on as a local Marietta, GA vet offers some suggestions for celebrating National Dog Day.

Photo Session

Take a few minutes to get some adorable pictures of your furry best friend. Candid shots are great, but you can also go a step further. Put Fido against a backdrop that contrasts with his fur. Or, try downloading a pet camera app. Many of these make noises that capture pets’ attention. Some also have settings that help reduce things like eye glow.

Puppy Party

Have a barbeque for your human buddies, and invite them to bring their canine friends over to join in the fun. Set out lots of dog toys for your furry guests. Fido’s pals will also appreciate some yummy treats, like doggy ice cream. Just be sure to only invite gentle, well-behaved pooches that are current on their vaccines and parasite control.

Fun Adventure

Man’s Best Friend loves to explore new places! Take Fido to a new park, or explore a new trail with him, so he can sniff new grass and enjoy a change of scenery. If your canine pal isn’t up to a vigorous walk, take him to a pet-friendly café for a special snack.

Make Your Yard Dog-Friendly

Does your canine companion have a yard to run and play in? Why not get your furry buddy a doghouse? You can also make the yard more fun for Fido by adding a kiddie pool for him to splash around in. If your pooch likes to bury treasure, get him a sandbox.

Veterinary Appointment

It’s probably safe to say that, given the choice, Fido would knock this one off the list entirely. However, your pup will both look and feel better with proper veterinary care. Consider this a reminder to book your pet’s next appointment. In the meantime, keep your furry pal’s cute tail wagging by offering him a yummy treat or a new toy. Doggy beds are also a good bet!

Please reach out to us, your Marietta, GA vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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