Is Your Cat Obese?

Is your kitty getting a bit round lately? Is Fluffy starting to look a bit chubby? While we can’t deny that fat cats can be quite adorable, unfortunately those extra pounds can be very bad for your pet’s health. A Marietta, GA vet discusses kitty obesity below.

Determining If Fluffy Is Chubby

While with some cats it can be pretty obvious if Fluffy is obese, in other cases—especially with super fluffy felines—it isn’t that easy to tell. If you’re not sure whether your pet is overweight or not, you’ll of course want to ask your vet and get an official answer. However, in the meantime, try feeling your kitty’s ribs. If you can’t feel them at all, or can barely feel them beneath a layer of fat and muscle, you may very well have a pudgy pet on your hands!

Dangers of Obesity

Being overweight carries some very dangerous health risks for pets. Obesity can increase Fluffy’s risks of developing some very serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, liver and kidney problems, and bone/joint disorders, to name just a few. Chubby cats are also at higher risk of having surgical complications and/or trouble reproducing, and are even more likely to get certain cancers. Your feline friend will definitely be healthier if she stays at or near her ideal weight!

Keeping Kitty Trim

Just as with people, diet and exercise both play huge roles in determining a kitty’s weight. Offer Fluffy high-quality cat food, but don’t let her convince you to overindulge her. Some of our feline pals have their humans firmly wrapped around their paws! Serving sizes are also important: even giving your furry pal just a few calories too many each day can cause her to gain a pound a year. That’s a lot for a kitty! Also, keep your furball active by offering her lots of fun toys, and taking time to play with her regularly. Even just a few minutes of jumping and pouncing can help!

Slimming Fluffy Down

If you have a furry little butterball on your hands, ask your vet for nutritional advice. Never put Fluffy on a crash diet: this is very bad for kitty metabolism, and could make her quite sick!

Please reach out to us, your Marietta, GA pet hospital, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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