Keeping Your Cat Inside

Do you have a kitty? Cats are very independent little furballs, but, as a pet parent, you’ll still have to make some decisions about your feline friend’s care. One of the most important choices you will face is whether you’ll let your furball roam outdoors, or keep her inside. We strongly urge you to choose the latter: cats are much safer and healthier living indoors. Below, a Marietta, GA vet discusses keeping Fluffy indoors.

Dangers of The Great Outdoors

While Fluffy may enjoy fun outdoor activities like dropping dead mice on your doorstep, rolling around in the driveway, and ignoring you when you call her, she’s much better off indoors. As soon as your kitty sets those adorable little paws outside, she is exposed to many different dangers, such as cars, predators, weather, parasites and chemicals.

Breaking The News

If your cat has had outdoor privileges in the past, she may ignore you when you tell her she’s grounded, and immediately meow to go outdoors. Don’t give in! Make your adventurous furball wary of the door by squirting her with water or making a loud noise when she gets too close. These things will startle and annoy your furry buddy, but they won’t hurt her. After a few incidents, Fluffy may start to rethink the pros and cons of going too close to the door.

Making Inside Life Fun

In time, even former strays can become so used to living indoors that they lose all desire to venture outside. To make the inside life great for Fluffy, make your home into a kitty luxury mansion. That may sound like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite easy. Provide your pet with plenty of soft beds to snuggle up in, and give her lots of toys to smack under the couch. Your feline buddy will also appreciate having a scratching board and some kitty furniture, like a cat tower. To give your furry pal a taste of nature, set out some non-toxic plants for her to hide behind. You can find a complete list of safe plants at the ASPCA website. To activate the purr, spend lots of time with your furball, and play with her every day.

Do you have questions about caring for your cat? Call us, your local Marietta, GA animal hospital! We’re happy to serve all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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