9 Ways to Keep Your Aging Dog Comfortable

Is your dog entering his golden years? Just like people, pets slow down—and often get stiff and sore—as they grow older. Below, a Marietta, GA vet offers advice on keeping your senior dog comfortable.

Veterinary Care

Regular veterinary exams will increase the chances of any problems being caught early on. If your pooch has a medical issue, such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, ask your vet about pain management options.

Comfy Bedding

There’s nothing cuter than a snoring senior dog! One of the best things you can do for your furry pal is to make sure he has a comfy, orthopedic doggy bed.

Nail Care

Don’t let your canine buddy’s claws get too long! Overgrown nails are not only very uncomfortable for Fido, they are also very bad for his bones and joints, and can even contribute to medical issues, like arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Elevated Dishes

Your furry friend may find it easier to eat from elevated dishes, as they won’t strain his neck and spine the way eating off the ground does. Upgrade your old friend’s dinnerware, and get him some raised dishes.

Pet Ramps

Older dogs often have a hard time getting on and off furniture, or climbing in and out of cars. Get Fido some pet ramps or stairs to help him get around more easily.

Proper Diet

Make sure you are feeding your pooch a good, nourishing diet, and get him the best dog food you can afford. Don’t overindulge your furry buddy with fattening snacks, however: you don’t want Fido becoming obese. Extra weight can really stress an aging dog’s body, and is very bad for his health! Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations, including supplements.


Brushing your canine friend regularly is great for his circulation. It will also remove dead fur from his coat, and keep him more comfortable. Work in some ear scritches to get that tail going.

Parasite Control

Fleas are no fun for any dog, but they can be particularly hard for older pets to deal with. Keep up with Fido’s flea and tick prevention.


Enjoy this special, beautiful time in your canine pal’s life, and spend lots of time with him. Don’t skimp on those belly rubs, either!

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