Bunnyproofing Tips

Have you recently adopted a bunny? If so, you’ve chosen an adorable little pet! In order to keep your furry pal safe, you’ll need to do some bunnyproofing. A Marietta, GA vet offers tips on making your home safe for Floppy below.

Wires and Cords

Floppy could seriously hurt herself if she chews on a live wire! Wrap wires and cords in protective coverings, or treat them with taste deterrent.


Plastic bags, wrappers, and ties are all very dangerous for Floppy. Keep plastic items well out of reach of those cute little paws!

Furniture Legs

Furniture legs are an easy target for bunnies to chew on. Cover them with protective casings. You can also treat them with taste deterrent.

Bunny-Sized Openings

Your cute little pet can fit into some small spaces. Seal off openings beneath and behind your furniture and cabinets. You can use plastic storage totes to fill up the space beneath a bed.


Bunnies love to nibble on baseboards. After all, they are the perfect height for Floppy to chew on! Use protective coverings to block your pet’s access.


Floppy has definitely been known to chew up some carpets in her day! You may want to put mats or carpet scraps down to protect your rugs.


Closets can be a veritable gold mine for a pet looking for things to chew on. Shoes, purses, bags, belts, and other personal items can make pretty tempting targets for Floppy! Keep closet doors closed.

Small/Sharp Items

Buttons, pins, beads, tacks, jewelry pieces, nails, screws, and other small/sharp objects can all seriously hurt your furry buddy. Keep these things in secure places your rabbit can’t reach.


The average household contains many things that can be poisonous to bunnies! Remove or secure toxic plants, medicines, household cleaning agents, pesticides, and lawn/garden chemicals.


Be sure to give your bunny plenty of suitable chew toys! Many wood, wicker, and cardboard items are fine. However, never give Floppy anything covered in decorative substances, such as varnish, paint, or glitter. Training is also important. When you see your bunny chewing inappropriately, stamp your feet or clap your hands to discourage her. Finally, reward your furry friend for good behavior by giving her treats and praise when she chews her toys.

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