Building a DIY Goat Playground

Have you recently started keeping goats? If so, you’ve signed up for a lot of work, and a lot of cuteness. Just like any other animals, goats need a proper diet, a clean, comfortable habitat, and proper veterinary care in order to stay healthy. But if you want to make your goats really happy, why not make them a play area? You don’t have to spend a fortune on your goat playground: there are many great DIY options. Below, a Marietta, GA vet offers some DIY entertainment ideas for your hooved buddies.

Thrift Store Scores

Scour local thrift stores and yard sales with your goats in mind. For instance, a used trampoline or child’s slide can be repurposed into great goat toys.

Cable Spool Stand

Goats love to climb on top of things. A large cable spool or sturdy wooden barrels make great climbing spots. Add a plank for access, and let your goats play King of The Mountain.

Ball Toys

Hang a tether ball from a sturdy pole. Your furry pals will love pushing it around!


There are few things more adorable than goats playing on a seesaw. You can make your own out of a large, sturdy plank and a few pieces of lumber.

Tire Toys

Look for really big tires, such as tractor tires. Used ones are fine. Bury half of the tire, so that half of it is above ground.


There are many ways to turn old pallets into goat play sets. Arrange them so they are in a mountain shape. Add ramp and decks to make this even more fun. Safety tips: you’ll need to secure them so they stay put, so be careful not to leave any nails sticking out. Also, fill in the spaces between planks with lumber or wood from extra pallets.


Got an old dining room table? Secure some non-slip mats to the top, and bring it out to the goat pen. Bury the legs just deep enough to keep it steady, and add planks for ramps.


When people renovate their homes, they sometimes give away their old porch stairs. Watch online classifieds for free or cheap stairs. There are lots of ways to turn these into goat furniture!

Do you have questions or concerns about caring for your goats? We can help! Contact us, your local Marietta, GA animal clinic, today!