Bunny Care Basics

Have you been thinking about getting a pet bunny? Bunnies are definitely very adorable, and certainly have a way of melting our hearts with those furry little faces. These little furballs do have some specific care needs, however, so before adopting one, you’ll want to do some research. Below, a Marietta, GA vet discusses some basic aspects of bunny care.


Floppy’s cage should be large enough to allow her to stand up, stretch out, hop, run around, and play without tripping over her things. We recommend a wire cage with a solid bottom. You’ll need to add a good substrate, such as aspen; a hidey-hole; and dishes. You may also want to include a litterbox and hay rack.


Quality grass hay, such as Timothy hay, should form the bulk of your adorable pet’s diet. Rabbits’ teeth and tummies are suited to processing lots of tough fiber, so pet bunnies can get quite sick if they don’t have enough hay. Make sure Floppy always has plenty of good hay. Your furry friend can also have commercial pellets for her main meals. You’ll want to supplement these things with fresh, clean produce and, of course, the occasional treat. Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations, including safe and unsafe foods.


Toys serve two purposes for bunnies. They’ll entertain your furry pal, and help keep her teeth healthy. Provide Floppy with lots of fun, safe playthings, including plenty of chewable ones. Some things that you can turn into cute bunny toys include cardboard; wooden items; paper; and straw or wicker items. Your pet may also enjoy playing with balls or hopping around a little homemade obstacle course. Always put Floppy’s safety first, and choose toys that do not have small parts or sharp edges, as these could cut or choke her. You’ll also want to avoid anything covered in varnish, stain, or dye.

Free Time

Bunnies need time out of their cages every day. Since Floppy has a strong need to chew, you’ll want to do some bunnyproofing before letting her out to play. Remove or secure household chemicals; medicines; toxic plants; small items, such as buttons; wires and cords; and, well, anything you don’t want chewed. You’ll also want to protect your baseboards, furniture legs, and carpet.

If your bunny needs veterinary care, call us, your Marietta, GA animal clinic, today! We are here to help!